Swatch and Review Smashbox Cover Shot Ablaze Eyeshadow Palette

smashbox ablaze palette

Did I need it? Hmm no, of course not. As far as I have many eyeshadows, I don’t think I need any more palettes for a few years. But, you just can’t do soemthing about it when you are addiected to them. So, there are the review and swatches of Smashbox Cover Shot Ablaze Eyeshadow Palette.

Why I bought it?  It was on my whishlist? Well, no. But, I say it, I liked it and I wanted it. So, here I am, making a review of it because it deserves one.

Frist of all, the packaging is insane!!! Sooo beautiful and original! Just look at the video below to see what I’m talking about:

Swatch and Review Smashbox Cover Shot  Ablaze Eyeshadow Palette

I also like the way of opening the palette, because it is easier than in other cases. If you have long nails or wear nail polish, you will now what I’m talking about.

It is small and perfect for travels. I like very much about this palette that it has both matte and shimmery eyeshadows. I love brown/copper/beige/orange eyeshadows so this Smashbox Ablaze palette is perfect for me. That’s why I wnated it so badly.

I never used a Smashbox product before, so I didn’t know anything about the brand or their product. I never swatched it before buying it, so everything was a blind date for me.

When I finally received it, I was surprised about it’s packaging. I really love it. I expected it to be bigger, but I’m happy with my purchase anyway.

This is how it looks:smashbox ablaze eyeshadow palette


smashbox ablaze 2

She is beautiful, isn’t she?

These colours are insane!!!!!!! I love them so much.

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You can find many other eyeshadow palettes from Smashbox that have other colours, if you aren’t into browns/reds.

Now, let’s talk more about this palette and why I love it, despite its colours .

It is super pigmented and the texture is amazing. It isn’t powdery even for the mattes one. They didn’t have fall out when you apply them. It doesn’t matter if you use brushes or your fingers. But, whach out with the mattes ones because if you take too much product, you can have some fall out.

Even if it is a little palette, because it is so pigmented, you need just a little bit of product on your brush or finger, so it will lasts long enough to worth the money.

On my eyelids all the colours look amazing! They blend easy and you don’t need to be a MUA to create a beautiful look with it.

You can make many looks with these colours, for day and night because of the mix of mattes and shimmery or light and dark eyeshadows. The conclusion is that it is versatile, without any doubts.

I used these eyshadows with brushes and fingers too and I didn’t had any trouble with them.

My favourites colours are: Moccasin, Siesta, Torch and Throwback, but I use all of them.

Swatches of Smashbox Ablaze Smashbox Cover Shot  Ablaze Eyeshadow Palette

My photos aren’t edited!!!! I didn’t used any primer and I made these swatches with my fingers (only one layer)!

smashbox ablaze cober shot swatchsmashbox swatch

smashbox ablaze swatch

Relaxed is a soft peach that I use in my crease or as a base or as the lightest eyeshadow on my eyelid. Depends on what kind of makeup I want to do.

Moccasin, one of my favourites, is a light-medium copper and it is shimmery as you can see. I love to use it. I find it perfect for any kind of look you want. It is opaque and blendable as well.

Siesta, another of my favourites is a medium-dark copper with rosy tones and I LOVE IT. It’s perfect! It is opaque and blendable too.

Nirvana is a medium-dark reddish and it is kinda matte. I use to create all my looks with it and I use it in my crease or my eyelid as the second darkest colour.

Delirious is just amazing.  It is a medium-dark brown and it has a shimmery finish. It is blendable too, pigmented  and smooth.

Torch is again one of my favourites and you can see why. It is a medium-dark orange and it has a shimmery finish. It is pigmented, smooth and blendable.

Throwback. As you can see, this colord is a dark red-brown colours and it has a matte finish. I love it, it is pigmented and blendable.

Darkhorse- the darkest eyeshadow inthe palette is a deep brown you can easly use to creat a great contrast. I love to apply a little bit of it in the out corner of my eye.

There are other options of Smashbox eyeshadow palettes you can find on Amazon:

Do you use Smashbox makeup products? Do you like them?



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