Sephora Cream Lip Shine – 10 wonderful shades

Hello, you beautiful !

Today I want to talk about some lip creams I absolutely love and recommend.

Few days ago, I had the pleasure to receive from Sephora one of their new sets Cream Lip Shine.

I’m obsessed with lipsticks, so you can imagine how happy I was when I received them. I will swatch each one of them and take photos for you to see how fabulous they are.

Sephora cream lip shine

They are very pigmented, and you only need one layer to get the perfect lips. Even though they are glossy, they are not sticky at all and are easy to wear!  Long-lasting and resistible to transfer are two of the reasons why I fell in love with these lipsticks. I can wear them all day long without having any issues. Should you need it, you can easily reapply them without creating the double layer effect.

Personally, I have always used matte lipsticks, especially on windy days. But these ones have a lovely finish without being too messy or annoying! You definitely need at least one of these 10 colours if you want to get the perfect makeup. We all know that a glossy lipstick creates the irresistible look, thus wearing one every now and then might be the ultimate touch you are looking for!

So, go ahead and give them a try!  Regardless of your skin tone or colour preferences, I am sure you will rock these glossy lipsticks as the shades are easily adaptable to any makeup. Let me know which colours you like the most and share with me your experience with Sephora Collection products! I am deeply in love with their products.

The price is very good for their quality and quantity!


01 Surnatural Blush

surnatural blush 01	Surnatural Blush
03 Mauve Spirit
04 – Daydreamer
05 – Sunset Mirage
06 Sunshine Pink
07 – Carmine Elixir
08 - Red Potion
09- Fantastic Pink
10- Black Cherry
11- Dark Plum

03 Mauve Spirit

mauve spirit sephora

04 Daydreamer

daydreamer sephora swatch

05 Sunset Mirage

06 Sunshine Pink

sunshine pink sephora swatch

07 Carmine Elixir

carmine elixir sephora swatch

08 Red Potion

red potion sephora swatch

09 Fantastic Pink

fantastic pink sephora swatch

10 Black Cherry

11 Dark Plum

dark plum sephora swatch

Which shade do you like more?

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