Review Tom Ford lipstick in Wild Ginger

tom ford wild ginger review

This is my first luxury Tom Ford lipstick purchase, and I am very excited about it. The price is high, but I always wanted to own a luxury lipstick, so I bought it as a birthday present for me.
Am I pleased with my purchase? Is it worth the hype? Well, you will see in the next rows.

Review and swatch Tom Ford Lipstick Wild Ginger

review tom ford wild ginger

My choice is a bit weird for me because I don’t usually wear this color. I don’t wear red often;  I have so many lipsticks and I want to wear all of them that red is not my first choice.

However, I wanted to have a luxury lipstick with a gorgeous and unique color. For me, this one is a stunning and special color because I don’t wear it all the time.

It is a bright orange-red with a cream finish. I didn’t expect it to be so creamy because I thought it is matte ( I didn’t swatch any Tom Ford lipstick before this order), but I’m not disappointed. I really love it.
It is very pigmented, and you need one single layer to get full coverage.

Here is the swatch for Tom Ford Lipstick Wild Ginger color:

tom ford swatch
It is long-lasting as well. Of course, it depends on everyone’s lips, but the last time I wore it, it was for 8 hours and no retouch was needed. It was a surprise for me because I didn’t expect this from a creamy lipstick, not even if it is a luxurious expensive lipstick.

Here is an example of how long-lasting it is:

Due to the creamy texture, it feels very smooth and hydrating on my lips. It also looks glowy.

Somehow, this color is perfect. It is an intense color perfect for every woman who wants to feel confident.
I love that Tom Ford’s initials are engraved on the tip of the lipstick because it is a fine detail that gives some luxury, in my opinion.

tom ford lipstick in wild ginger

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that it has 3grams, so it is quite big!

The tip can be for some of you a little too big, and you will need a lip brush, but, if you know how to apply lipstick correctly, it will be OK. I have thin lips, and I can use it without a lip brush.

For me, this lipstick is heaven. It gives me confidence, and I feel unstoppable when I wear it. Of course, to be honest, knowing it is a Tom Ford makes everything better.


The packaging is so luxurious and perfect. I can stay and watch it for hours because I love how glamorous it looks.

tom ford lipstick packaging
If you can afford it at least one time in your life, buy one Tom Ford lipstick. You will see that you will feel special.

Yes, I know, it seems to be superficial, but I am a woman, and I like to have luxurious makeup in my collection. This kind of products is better because the ingredients are safer and their quality is also a high-top one. My advice is to buy a few luxury makeup products instead of many and from the drugstore. (I also have some drugstore products I love, and I will use them a long time from now on).

I am very happy with my purchase, and I want more colors in the future! It is worth the hype, and I have no doubt about it!
You can find many Tom Ford lipsticks on Amazon.  I have to say that I want them all, but they are quite expensive. Just click on the text below and you will see more details about it on Amazon.

Check prices on Amazon

Other colour options of this lipstick you can find on Amazon: (just click on the photo to go on Amazon and check prices)

What are your thoughts about this TOM FORD lipstick or any other Tom Ford makeup product?

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